Sound Design

Wat zou jij doen?
is a Dutch kid’s television programme where kids talk and discuss their everyday problems such as school, parents, sports and friendships. In this project in collaboration with Studio Sieto we created the theme leader with music, the visual identity of the program and the set design of the studio.

The goal
of this project, in collaboration with Sieto Noordhoorn, is to create playful and simple branding so that the programme would be recognisable and at the same time a very young audience could recognise itself and feel comfortable. The key outputs are the set design and the lead.

The role
of astudio is to create a lead for the format including a musical jingle that is also suitable for radio. To do this astudio takes care of the pre-production of the assets for the lead, specifically the photos of the kids on the green-screen. This follows with the drafting of a storyboard and the creation of stylistic lead frames. Then the actual animation, and finally the musical composition of the jingle with sound effects, mix and mastering.