Sound Design

Token Lab
is an initiative that aims to inform and update professionals from various sectors on topics such as fintech, crypto, blockchain and other hypes.

A campaign
is created to promote this initiative, with a website and a promotional video aimed at showing a future scenario where the world of finance is revolutionised from a fictional product: Token.
The protagonist of this video is the token or the coin, the symbol and name of the brand.

The goal
of astudio is to bring this moment to life throughout the duration of the video. Astudio interprets the communicative needs of the product, discusses the storyboard and animation ideas with the client, and finds creative solutions that would give the video the right dynamics and the right narrative rhythm. Subsequently, astudio takes care of creating an immersive soundtrack and finding the right voice to narrate this futuristic scenario.


Art direction & design Jasper van den Berg
Voice-over Yvo Sprey