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Art Direction

The Class Foundation
formerly The Class of 2020, is a platform that brings together operators, developers and investors in the sector of private student accomodation. 

The goal
of the brand is to rejuvenate the real estate industry, keeping those involved up-to-date on the trends and topics of present and future generations, such as millennials or gen-z. While communicating to a mature audience, the design goal is always to represent a young, trendy and colourful product. 

The collaboration
with The Class starts in 2017 with a brand restyle project and the creation of a brand manual containing design guidelines and brand principles. In the following years, the collaboration extends itself to the artistic direction and design production of events, publications, online and offline communication and the annual conference ‘The Class Conference’.  At this stage, the role of astudio is to co-direct and bring together visions and expertises of external professionals such as illustrator Chiara Vercesi, set designer Gerardo Reyna and others. Actively collaborating with The Class team astudio creates a distinct and fun visual identity while being informative and sharp at the same time. 

In late 2020 The Class commissioned astudio to redesign the logo for its transition into The Class Foundation. The essence of the new logo is to emphasise the platform function of the brand while remaining minimal and distinct. In 2021 astudio was charged with the artistic direction of the Class Conference and in 2022 the studio continues with the Regional Forum events series. 

Theme Student Mobility 📍 Vienna

Theme Policy Reform 📍 Amsterdam

Theme Sustainability 📍 Milan

Theme Community and Wellbeing 📍 London

ILLUSTRAOR — Chiara Vercesi