2017 — 2021


Art Direction

The Class Conference
is the annual event of The Class Foundation. The event celebrates the industry and its players, providing a showcase for innovation, creating a space to meet, facilitating the exchange of ideas and debate on contemporary issues such as cities, education and real estate. It doesn’t want to be a typical real estate conference but has an innovative, out-of-the-box and fun approach.

The aim
of the project is to create a playful experience to feel a student again, immersed in the world of The Class, where the brand gets maximum exposure but at the same time is able to commercially expose sponsors from the industry. On the other hand, it is crucial to put the programme at the forefront by integrating technical and aesthetic solutions so that the debates can also be interactive for the audience. Not least, it is important to facilitate organic business creation with on-site experiences, networking areas, drinks and last but not least food. 

has been collaborating as art director since 2017 taking care of the branding of The Class in the stages of concept development, set design and production.
To do so, astudio constantly interfaces with the team and the various professionals involved such as set designers, production, AV technicians and sometimes external sponsors.
astudio is in charge of the visual design, it coordinates the spatial design and during the days of the conference follows the set-up it instructs to the technical part so that everything goes according to plan.