Street Experiment Tool is a start-up from the urban planning department of the University of Munich but has collaborations set up inside the Netherlands and Belgium. They create a dynamic environment that brings together expertise from fields such as architecture, urban planning, environmental science and sociology.

The Mission
of SET is to reshape streets together with citizens through street experiments. To do this, they created an open source guide (GSK) and they hold regular workshops. 

The aim
of astudio is to create a brand identity that is playful; which stimulates experimentation and is open to all. At the same time, the communication must be able to address municipalities, citizens and private organisations in an effective and highly informative manner.

Particular effort is put into the design of the GSK, the fundamental tool of SET. Here it is essential to understand the logic of the experiment itself and to think of creative solutions to construct a guide that is immediately understandable yet visually appealing. 100+ original icons are designed to create a fun yet informative brand identity.