2023 —


Art Direction
Editorial design

Active Cities
Starts in 2019 in partnership with Blossity. Underlying there is a fundamental and alarming fact: “Over 80% of kids worldwide are not meeting WHO standards on physical activity,” and most live in cities. Building on this, the project has the bigger scope to bring back sports and physical activity as a daily habit of urban and non-urban dwellers, by co-creating infrastructure in public space.

The Playbook
It is a publication that includes academic studies, design tools, best practices and infographics.
In the first phase of the Active Cities project, The Playbook was created as an interactive publication, a tool for internal socialisation and with stakeholders with the aim of creating partnerships and interest and share knowledge around the Active Cities project.
Later on, moving to a second phase of Active Cities, The Playbook becomes the paper materialisation of the consultancy carried out by Blossity as the partnerships built, and concretisation of Active Cities’ architecture design in the build environment. 

Is commissioned by Blossity with the creative design of the book, and interfacing with the their Client, reiterates on the art direction of the editorial design. This includes illustration, infographics and photography selected from the company archive. The goal is to design The Playbook in style with the Client branding, an outstanding and high-quality publication suitable for showcasing the Client real estate work around the world. Additionally, astudio takes charge of the proper printing of the Playbook, from the paper selection, the cover finishing to the color rendering in detail, working alongside Blossity and the Client until the final product is delivered by the printing company.

PRINTED BY — Elco Print in Amsterdam