2021 to


Art Direction

is a placemaking project started in 2021 in order to support the redevelopment of the Arenapark area in Hilversum, where many sport brands, included Nike are located.

The challenge
in this project is to build the conceptual foundations of an open, accessible and dynamic visual identity that succeeds in telling the story of this area, which has its roots in the 1928 Summer Olympics. On the other hand, the importance of placemaking is also in creating a new identity space that can fairly represent citizens, municipalities, and private parties, creating a neutral field of debate and exchange.

works alongside the different parts of a complex coalition. It begins to develop a simple and colorful visual identity, inspired by the 1920s aesthetic, bold and geometric, in reference to the historical Olympic track. The storytelling develops with the design the logo, concept is: “the first flag”, which combines placemaking and sport values.
During the project we produce diverse marketing outputs and civic participation tools, in order to effectively communicate the values and the purpose of this project. Particular attention is paid to interventions in the space, such as the running trail or training bootcamp box that are crucial to the physical encounter with the emerging brand. Storytelling, positioning, and visual development of the brand are encapsulated in an extensive brand manual, with the purpose of maintaining and developing the identity in the near future.

sport & movement

economic motor

future mobility

landscape for humans

inclusive & diverse neighborhood

circular & suistainable

Credit VCS