CO-DESIGN โ€” Sieto Noordhoorn


2019 to
2022 โ€”

De Ruimte
is a cultural initiative located in Amsterdam Noord. Their mission is to give space to artists. In order to achieve this there is a weekly program full of events where music is the protagonist and food and entertainment are the backdrop.

The goal
of the collaboration is to create, facilitate and maintain the online relationship with the public on the web platform.

The task
consists of two parts. First off is the creation of a CMS for employees: devising an easy and intuitive solution to create events, manage content and monetise the physical space. To accomplish this, astudio interfaced with a developer and interpreted the customers needs by implementing them in the back-end as well as in the front-end.

The second part is to design and implement the website, in collaboration with Sieto Noordhoorn. This design, considering the needs of the back-end and facilitating the customer journey, creates a lively and distinct online identity: open to all but where artists feel best represented.