2019 to
today —

is an urban strategy consultancy which works with brands, investors and municipalities.

The initial
objective of this project is to build a distinct yet minimalist identity that is able to constantly reshape itself in synchrony with BLOSSITY’s dynamic working environment. The need is to communicate to a heterogeneous business audience ranging from the young millennial architect to the experienced multinational CEO. 

The collaboration
officially starts in 2019 when astudio is commissioned to reposition and redesign the BLOSSITY brand, which had already been active for almost a decade. It is a bold choice. Initially building the design around typography and simple animations and adopting a breaking tone of voice containing ironic and provocative slogans. Special attention is dedicated to the design and content of keynotes, a fundamental tool at BLOSSITY. Whether it is used to acquire a new client, illustrate a strategy or give a talk at a conference.

In 2020 astudio begins to take over the design of BLOSSITY’s external commissions. The challenge is once again to ensure that BLOSSITY is recognisable and outstanding. Alongside these commissions, astudio’s involvement in the conceptual and strategic part of urban design is also growing. With this comes the need to think of alternative ways of visualising strategies and presenting content. Citing some of these commissions up to 2022: Siemens, Dublin City, Nike & Hilversum Municipality. 

De Stad in Beweging

Photo Credits © Nienke Coumou