Working with people by bringing ideas and expertise together to create quality designs and meaningful experiences. Are you a brand, an organisation or an individual?

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CREATIVE PROJECTS  ✻ Christian Pappalardo ® Art Director & Designer ✉ ✌ Linkedin 📍 Amsterdam

Working with people by bringing ideas and expertise together to create quality designs and meaningful experiences. Are you a brand, an organisation or an individual?

Find out how we can collaborate 🌚

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is not anymore just the oversight of all the artistic aspects of a project. Whether this is a media project, event or design. Primarily, art direction understands the growing needs in a project to address an increasingly educated and aware public; collaborates with professionals to generate ideas and strategies; and puts design methodology into practice to integrate abstract concepts with everyday business needs 💵


The purpose is to create a world around the brand. Where both the employees and the public feel represented and become ambassadors of the brand’s values and initiatives. Whether creating a new brand, repositioning or restyling an existing one, and no matter if it is a start-up, a company, an organisation or an institution, the brand is always at the heart of a studio’s work ♥


In 2020 we learned to delegate to “the online” and to reserve for the physical world only the things that matter. Today, we see how the quality of prints and objects has to be premium and the content unique. Also, the physical experience can only be excellent for an audience that is easily bored, increasingly concerned with sustainability and sensitive to social topics 🚲


Engaging websites, catchy newsletters, interactive reports, cool social media campaigns, augmented reality filters and all the meaningful digital content you can think of. The war for online attention has never been tougher and only with unique and well-crafted content you will survive 💣


Regardless if you are Elon Musk, Tim Cook or [insert name of your favourite entrepreneur] nothing will help you more than a 20s-style presentation. Whether you need to present your innovative ideas, motivate your employees, acquire a new client, or speak at a conference, there is nothing better than focusing on graphic essentiality, a sprinkling of creativity and some catchy movements. Don’t forget to breathe, you are in the right hands 🤙


Content is king, engagement is queen. If you’re telling a story or if you need to spread a message, then do it well. With the right shots, movements in time, rhythm and an appropriate soundtrack you will be Oscar ready!  Not really, but if you want to promote a product or a service, or animate some content, the way you do it will make all the difference ✈

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anelli studio or astudio started in late 2017, to date it is my full-time occupation

My name is Christian and I was born on an island in southern Italy, Catania, in 1995. As a young boy I attended art school and in 2013 I moved to the big city of Milan, where I graduated in Art direction & Graphic design and begun my studies in electronic music and sound design. After my first work experiences in the creative field, in 2017 I moved to Amsterdam where, in a few months I started working as a freelancer and started my astudio project. At the end of 2020 I started a new education at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy part-time.

design is a committed daily practice, no one is born knowing everything

astudio is born from the desire to explore by doing and the need to learn by creating, ultimately with the goal of working in meaningful projects that aim to quality-driven design. The vision is to use the methodology of design as an exploratory tool to arrive at creative solutions that translate practically into everyday life. The mission is to create quality conceptual-oriented products and provide viable creative solutions to meet the communicative needs of a project. My personal ambition is to design while having fun by contributing and contribute to realities with a positive impact. The core is: cooperate, experiment and contaminate.

Come rain or shine,
off to the next adventure!